• Is Chinese Big Oil Going to Destroy Ecuador's Amazon?

    To oil and gas companies, the Amazon rainforest is one huge cash cow just begging to be milked. But anyone who'd rather not rid the world of 30 percent of its animal species would probably argue it's a region that shouldn't be destroyed by rich people.

  • Toé, the 'Witchcraft Plant' That's Spoiling Ayahuasca Tourism

    You know it as angel's trumpet, Hell's bells, or simply Brugmansia, a genus of flowering plant with seven recognized species. Toé is notorious. And it's reportedly now in the hands of shithead pseudo shamans looking to cash in on the South American...

  • World Peace Update

    Humans found a vicious, unsuspecting competitor in fucking the world up this week: Nature, who decided to fart out Hurricane Sandy and hog up all the limelight. So, as Kurds took on the streets of Turkey and shop owners beat up police in Peru, you all...

  • World Peace Update

    It's not gonna happen while Vitali Klitschko is walking the streets firing tear gas at cops.

  • The Huayno Murders Sentence

    Case closed on the dark and twisted case of the murder of Alicia Delgado. Turns out it was the jealous lesbian lover--or was it?

  • Latina Grande

    This DVD was shot entirely in Peru, which I believe is in the northern part of Mexico, but I'm not very good at geometry so I can't be totally certain.