Prison-industrial complex

  • Corporations Are Cashing in on California's Prison Overcrowding Crisis

    California is being forced by the courts to move inmates out of its overcrowded prison system, which is just another opportunity for the people who make money from incarceration to cash in.

  • Phone Calls from Jail Are Criminally Expensive

    The FCC has finally put a cap on how much inmates can be charged for out-of-state calls, which is gonna provide some relief for prisoners and their families who were getting robbed blind by predatory companies like Global Tel Link.

  • Public Schoolteachers' Pensions Are Partially Funded by Private Prisons

    Retirement funds for public school teachers (as well as other government employees) in several states have a combined $90 million invested in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, one of the largest private-prison companies in the...

  • Who’s Getting Rich off the Prison-Industrial Complex?

    Many of America's prisons are run by for-profit corporations, so clearly some people are making lots and lots of money off the booming business of keeping human beings in cages. But who are these people? Using some publicly available data, I came up...