• My Dad Is Not Down

    Despite the fact that they grew up in a country where marijuana grows rampantly, my parents definitely do not smoke weed. My mom is pretty open minded and has tried it once or twice, but only to confirm that she is not into it. My dad? Total square...

  • Why Do You See What You See When You're Tripping on Psychedelics?

    It's a riddle that's lingered as long as humans have been deliberately altering their minds with chemicals, which is to say for all of human history. To crack it, try taking a good look at yourself tripping face, and you'll find that why you're seeing...

  • Sea DMT

    Writing almost exclusively about psychoactives, it is not unusual for me to be contacted by strangers who wish to report on the effects of various drugs. Most of these reports are uninteresting, but occasionally I receive something unusual.

  • Toé, the 'Witchcraft Plant' That's Spoiling Ayahuasca Tourism

    You know it as angel's trumpet, Hell's bells, or simply Brugmansia, a genus of flowering plant with seven recognized species. Toé is notorious. And it's reportedly now in the hands of shithead pseudo shamans looking to cash in on the South American...

  • Pages from the Lab Notebook of Alexander Shulgin

    Presented here is an assortment of unpublished pages ranging from Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin’s first psychedelic synthesis to his later investigations of MDMA derivatives and γ-ray-emitting radiopsychedelics.

  • Confession of a Muslim Psychedelic Tea Drinker

    The place of drugs in Islam is much more complicated than most people recognize. Because the Qur’an only speaks specifically of wine, Muslims have had to figure out Islamic positions on other substances, like weed or psychoactive tea made from an...