• The Sketch Artist Who Helped Catch Mumbai’s Gang Rapists

    Nitin Yadav has been working with Mumbai police for over 20 years and has become something of a local celebrity after his eerily accurate sketches of the men accused of gang raping a photojournalist last month.

  • You Can Get Away with Murder When Your Dad Is an Afghan Warlord

    Wahidi Beheshti hails from a powerful family—a fact many people believe is the reason why he is a free man today. Prominent civil society groups and local media outlets point to his guilt in the shooting of a 16-year-old named Shakila who was living...

  • Women Are on Strike Against Rape Culture in India

    On Wednesday, my roommate told me women were on strike, and when I asked her which industry, she said, “No, just women. I called in sick… They asked me what I had, and I said I was sick of rape culture.” Women in India changed their Facebook photos to...