• Οι Βιαστές Φαντάσματα της Βολιβίας

    Για αρκετό καιρό οι κάτοικοι της Μανιτόμπα πίστευαν ότι οι γυναίκες της πόλης βιάζονταν από δαίμονες.

  • Photographing the Sewer People of Bucharest

    Two years ago, photographer Jen Tse went to Bucharest, Romania, to document the people who have been living desperate lives in the city's sewer system since being forced underground by severe poverty.

  • The Guy Who Was Raped by a Girl

    Charles was a charming, mellow kid. He was sharp, but had a really goofy sense of humor, which is why I couldn’t tell if he was joking when he told me a girl had raped him.

  • The Sketch Artist Who Helped Catch Mumbai’s Gang Rapists

    Nitin Yadav has been working with Mumbai police for over 20 years and has become something of a local celebrity after his eerily accurate sketches of the men accused of gang raping a photojournalist last month.

  • You Can Get Away with Murder When Your Dad Is an Afghan Warlord

    Wahidi Beheshti hails from a powerful family—a fact many people believe is the reason why he is a free man today. Prominent civil society groups and local media outlets point to his guilt in the shooting of a 16-year-old named Shakila who was living...

  • Women Are on Strike Against Rape Culture in India

    On Wednesday, my roommate told me women were on strike, and when I asked her which industry, she said, “No, just women. I called in sick… They asked me what I had, and I said I was sick of rape culture.” Women in India changed their Facebook photos to...