• What Cat Food Tastes Like

    The other day I found myself seriously considering two futures: The one where I’d never know what wet cat food tasted like, and the one where I would. In both futures I’d eventually end up dead, but the one where I’d eat cat food seemed more exciting.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #79

    My New Year's resolution was to review all the comics that have piled up in my kitchen, around my bedroom, and in my bathroom. I owe it to the comic artists and publishers who have mailed them to me but I also owe it to me because it looks like my...

  • Records

    Everyone loves a good tan on a great chest. Pecs or boobs, it doesn’t matter—they both look better slightly exposed, glistening, and darkened.

  • Another TIFF Bites the Dust… Again

    It’s time for my second annual list of mini-reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, which I present partly in the belief that filmmakers should not be afraid to offer critiques of the films of other filmmakers, and partly because my own...

  • The Deaths of David Foster Wallace

    Wallace's intersecting plotlines and cascades of footnotes were a testimony to the ‘infinitude’ of the world, as he experienced it. His biography, on the other hand, is more like a square meal than a crack binge. But it satisfies some basic biography...

  • Records

    Leave it to an SS-haired boy with a Death in June fixation to teach me about love. And he even did it the old-fashioned way, by dropping a little acid house.