• Too Binz to Fail

    Almost seven years ago, a group of squatters called the Schoch family took over some former factory buildings in Zurich's Binz neighborhood. Last February, the city announced that they were planning on massacring the party by converting the building...

  • Street Battles Rage in France Over Gay Marriage

    A gay marriage bill came up in the National Assembly in October and will be voted on soon. Sensing that the bill will easily pass, La Manif and VITA Alliance are staging their mass protests and demanding that the issue be put to a nationwide referendum...

  • The Greeks Just Won't Stop Fighting and I'm Bored

    Yesterday saw yet another national strike in Greece, like so many before it. Thousands of people gathered in Syntagma Square to protest a bunch of new austerity measures, Molotov cocktails were thrown in the air, and a man died. I know that should make...

  • The Kremlin Wants to Keep Kids Off Wi-Fi

    Just who would be responsible for keeping young people off Wi-Fi – the service providers or owners of businesses – is unclear, especially in cities like Moscow, where the government has already begun a plan that would seem utterly at odds with this...

  • Pussy Riot's P***y Riot

    The FCC's sexual obscenity rules are total bullshit.

  • Coming Soon to a Riot Near You

    There are all sorts of horrible weapons that could make you stink, cry, and bleed.