• Needle Play Is a New Frontier of Love

    Needle play, the blanket term used to describe inserting needles into your body to get off, is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of kink in the BDSM world.

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    Our buddy Spike Jonze has a new film coming out, and it looks weird, beautiful, heartbreaking, and any other adjectives you would use to describe a movie about a sad man's romantic relationship with a piece of female artificial intelligence. Judging...

  • I Have Dated Several Crack Dealers

    Crack dealers approach me. I'm not chasing them down. It's not like I said to myself, “I'm going to date crack dealers now!” But when you meet one, you meet a lot of others. And then you start dating. It's kind of boring. They always want to chill at...

  • I Went to a Gay Rodeo, and Now I Want to Bone Cowboys

    I never liked rodeos, because I had never experienced the rugged masculinity of the true rural cowboy. But after a day of chatting with some gay horse riders at the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association's rodeo, the sex appeal of the cowboy became...

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    Funk master and world class lover Donny Benét continues his step-by-step guide to everlasting love this week by walking you through the tricky follow up to the perfect first date.

  • Love Tips With Donny Benet: On the Date

    Last week in Love Tips, Italo disco funk musician Donny Benet guided us from the delicate art of securing a date through to the even more delicate art of extracting said date from her mom and dad’s house. This week he shows us what a romantic night out...