rubber bullets

  • Canadian Cops Ambushed a First Nations Anti-Fracking Protest

    Protesters say that the cops used rubber bullets and mace when they didn't need to while breaking up a demonstration blocking access to a natural gas company's facilities.

  • Furious Turks Are Back on the Protest Warpath

    Demonstrations representing a variety of causes continue to flare up in Istanbul and throughout the country, and troublingly, the police and Tayyip Erdoğan's government have responded to all of them with violence.

  • Istanbul Police Tear-Gassed a Memorial March This Weekend

    Check out photos of the latest acts of state aggression in Turkey. For now, neither side shows any sign of backing down. The violence seen over the weekend has done little but strengthen the resolve of both those opposed to Turkey’s current social and...

  • Coming Soon to a Riot Near You

    There are all sorts of horrible weapons that could make you stink, cry, and bleed.