• Police Shot a Black Friday Shoplifter and New J.D. Salinger Stories Leaked

    Because this week was Thanksgiving, I worried I would have no bad news to recap. Thankfully, cops shot a shoplifter on Black Friday, the producer of The Bachelor went H.A.M. on an old lady, and some asshole leaked J.D. Salinger stories.

  • Sudan's Government Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

    The antiregime protests that have swept Sudan for the last week are at a crossroads, with the fervent optimism of the previous days giving way to somber reflection and shock that over 50 people are believed to have died.

  • Alabama’s Strip Clubs of Death

    Most of the time, shootings in strip clubs are rare occurrences, the result of a drunk who’s thrown out of the club and comes back with a gun for revenge. But in Alabama the strip-club murder rate is completely out of control. Curious to see the sites...

  • This Week in Florida - Spain, You Can Have it Back

    Every year around this time, the US looks for the damned receipt and hopes Spain has a 200-year return policy.