stop and frisk

  • The Cops Should Always Be on Camera

    As a pilot program in Rialto, California, reveals, when cops film all their interactions with civilians and suspects, complaints against officers go down. So why aren't more departments around the country doing this?

  • Stop Tasering Us, Police Bros

    Tasers are designed to let officers take down violent perps without killing them, but they're often used by mean or lazy cops to neutralize such nonthreats as streakers, pregnant women who are pissed about parking tickets, disorderly ten-year-olds, the...

  • Eric Holder Speaks Out Against Mandatory Minimums, Gives Us a Sliver of Hope

    Yesterday Attorney General Eric Holder announced that his office wouldn't be seeking mandatory minimums when it came to low-level drug offenders. It's a baby step on the long, long road to reducing the US's prison population.

  • Who Protects New Yorkers from the NYPD?

    Nicholas Heyward is a haunted man. He is one of many New Yorkers who have lost loved ones to the police. The tragedy Heyward suffered has turned him into an activist. These days he spends much of his time calling for the Justice Department to review...

  • 'No Condoms as Evidence' Legislation Up for Debate in Albany

    Soliciting, promoting, and patronizing prostitution are all illegal in the state of New York. Carrying a condom is not illegal, but there’s no law that says the NYPD can’t confiscate a sex worker’s condoms and use them as evidence in trial. A proposed...

  • Chipping Away at Stop-and-Frisk

    Fifty-one-year-old Charles Bradley finished his shift as a security guard and took the subway to visit his estranged fiancée at his former house in the Bronx. It might have been a night of reconciliation. But instead, it was a night spent interrogated...