• Vacations Are Better Than Reality

    If you're lucky enough to be jetting off abroad any time soon, fuck you. We'll be stuck here trying to drink ourselves through the winter. For now, though, we thought we'd gather some vacation stories together in an attempt to live out some kind of...

  • Romance Isn't Dead, It's Just Getting Spit-Roasted in the Toilet

    In preparation for the weekend, we’ve compiled some of the darkest, seediest stories we could find to give you some inspiration on how to jam pack the next couple of days with experiences you're going to regret for the rest of your life.

  • Accidents Happen When You're an Idiot

    It's Friday night and time for a fight, if you're the kind of drunk idiot who finds joy in starting fights. If you're just a normal drunk idiot, then you'll probably end up hurting yourself in some way or another tonight anyway. Read these stories to...

  • The Novelizer

    Sadly, the market for novelizations has begun to dry up. So I called Alan Dean Foster, author of novelizations for many films like 'Alien' and 'Star Wars,' to find out how the science-fiction fans of tomorrow will satisfy their appetite for transmedia...

  • If You Don't Mug Yourself, Someone Else Will

    To celebrate the last muggy day of yet another working week, here is a collection of stories about getting mugged from our friends in the UK.

  • Our Piss Dungeon Has Hit the Big Time!

    You all remember The Piss Dungeon, right? The story we broke back in March about a guy we knew who found a masturbating piss-fetishist hiding behind the urinals of a London pub so that men would piss onto his face without knowing it? Well, the Sun just...