• Hanging with Morsi Supporters at a Muslim Brotherhood Rally in Cairo

    Yesterday, Egypt saw the culmination of the Tamarod Campaign, a massive petition calling for the impeachment of President Mohamed Morsi. The left-leaning, antiMorsi group took to the streets in the largest Egyptian protest since 2011's uprising. In...

  • Pop Stars and Radical Clerics Are Fighting the Army in Lebanon

    Lebanon is a madhouse. In the last two days alone, over 40 people have lost their lives in clashes between Sunnis loyal to hardline Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir and the interdenominational Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). This latest outburst of violence began on...

  • A Syrian Proxy War Is Being Fought in Tripoli

    Clashes between Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen are nothing new, yet they have started clashing more regularly since the the uprising in neighboring Syria. This has only served to fuel speculation that what's going on in Tripoli is not just linked to...

  • Paris Hilton in Mecca

    Paris Hilton’s new store in Mecca is not “poisoning the holy city.” Mecca has been overrunning with assholes long before Islam. If you’re trying to find peace and avoid shitty people, don’t go there for hajj, just go on vacation or smoke blunt.

  • Kids of "the Iraqi Hiroshima"

    The horrifying legacy of the Iraq War.