• VICE Australia is 10 - Come to the Obligatory Parties

    Enter here to see NY drug-hop outfit Flatbush Zombies alongside VICE favourites Roland Tings, Straight Arrows, Mining Boom, Raw Prawn, Home Travel, Housewives, and Dodecahedron, as well as DJ sets from Midnight Juggernauts, Halfway Crooks, Roman Wafers...

  • Sydney Is a Paradise

    If photographer Craig Lundon is right, then Sydney is well on its way to becoming the depressing metropolitan hub of racial diversity and fun that New York is today. Just look at these pictures for proof.

  • Photos from OPOSSOM at Brighton Up Bar

    Last week VICE presented a gig by New Zealand's Opossom at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney (a lot of proper nouns in that sentence). If you missed it, here are some silent, non-moving images we captured digitally on the night.

  • See Shane Smith at Vivid Festival

    Our boss is giving a talk to a bunch of people in Sydney.

  • And You Don’t Stop (shopping)

    After just one album, KillaQueenz are already a rarity in Aussie hip hop. They don't suck. In fact, Kween G (aka. Gladys) and Belizian Bombshell (aka. Desiree) offer a fresh mix of old-school rhymes and dance-hall infused beats that kick the shit out...

  • Beer And Bongs

    Australia's 'beer for breakfast' attitude HAS BEEN responsible for producing some of the most legendary bands ever.