• Twelve Tits for Filing Your Taxes

    Former CPA turned adult-film star Veruca James offers some helpful tips for filing your taxes.

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    The Pentagon's pursuit of the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter jet has been a heartbreaking one. If you're a taxpayer, the program's estimated $1 trillion price tag probably breaks your heart a little bit.

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    On Tuesday the flaccid penis fans on the New York State Supreme Court dropped the hammer on Nite Moves, a strip club on the outskirts of Albany that has had the taxman on its ass claiming it doesn't host “dramatic or musical arts performances.” We...

  • Why I’m Anti-Big-Government, and Why Taxes Should Be Made Illegal

    What we need is a president who is going to come in and say, “You know what? Most taxes are illegal now. Let’s stop paying taxes for two or three years. Let’s see what the economy does. And let’s see if people fill in the gaps and spend money on what...