• Somali Jihadists' Growing Pains Are a Pain for Everyone

    Al-Shabaab's Expansion Outside of Somalia Is Bad News

  • A Stone for Michael Stewart

    Last week you threw away a Crock-Pot your mom gave you for Christmas 20 years ago. What if some terrorist, or some lunatic mistaken for a terrorist, or a terrorist who is a lunatic, as so many are, fished that Crock-Pot out of the garbage and made a...

  • Al Qaeda Wants Africa

    A soldier called our attention to a severed head facedown in the dust. “Is it Malian, do you think?” The gendarme kicked it over and studied the face. Dark blood dripped from its mouth. A fly crawled up its nose. “Nah, maybe Algerian or Nigerien."

  • What Are the French Really Up to in Mali?

    When it comes to going to war, it’s not too often we get to see France beat the US to the punch. But in the case of Mali, the troubled north African country with a serious jihadi problem, the French are playing the usual American role of global...

  • World Peace Update

    Last week's World Peace Update looked at the riots engulfing Slovenia, the trigger-happy Tunisian policemen who tried to blind the citizens of Siliana, and the looming possibility of Bashar al-Assad gassing what remains of his population to death with...

  • Mind Thoughts... with Michael Ian Black - I Will Kill You

    President Obama, I would like to offer my services as an assassin. Please let me kill our enemies, foreign or domestic.

  • Raging Apocalyptic Viral Zombies

    You have no idea what happened in this chair.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend nothing really happened, which was weird.

  • Why Heart Iraq?

    Hey! We were just partying down in Cartagena, Colombia, and guess who we bumped into? Bahaa Mayah.

  • Outside-in

    his was shortly after 9/11. I had read that two of the hijackers had worked at gas stations and used prepaid cell phones. My brain became alive with farts. I decided to conduct some cursory surveillance.