The Moral Compass Issue

  • Pizza Wars

    Bombing a Papa John's Pizza franchise to get all of their customers sounds like a good idea if you're from Florida, the cerebral palsy-ravaged appendage of the United States.

  • What’s Up, Occupy London?

    The Occupy London movement, camped outside St. Paul's Cathedral, recently removed a widely photographed protest banner that read "Capitalism Is Crisis" and replaced it with another declaring "Real Democracy Now."

  • The Great Curve

    Just because you read H.P. Lovecraft doesn't mean you know shit about non-Euclidean geometry.

  • You Gotta Fight for Your Right

    Singaporeans made a delicious xenophobic cook-off fun for everyone.

  • Records

    Snappy reviews of the very best and the absolute worst most vomit-inducing recently released LPs.

  • Christ A-Go-Go

    Christians have transformed an abandoned slaughterhouse in Aubervilliers, France into a perplexing playground of weird holy services. I decided to join in.

  • 2011: As the World Burns

    A short history of last year's global unrest.

  • Vicarious

    My life has taken a very strange turn. I have found myself domesticated, with very little contact with the outside world.

  • Untitled

    We went to looking for the masterminds behind Anonymous, the group credited with sparking the Occupy Wall Street movement. All we got were these ridiculous comments.

  • Mad as Hell

    Stéphane Hessel's manifesto "Time for Outrage!" so captivatingly expresses discontent for oppression it'd spark a political awakening in the worst glassy-eyed Jersey Shore fan.

  • Don't Fear the Square and Compass

    Conspiracy theorists have been accusing Freemasons of being an evil secret society long before that freaky pyramid eye showed up on the $1 bill.

  • Logs Don’t Lie

    Papua New Guinea is currently experiencing what may be the most brazenly illegal land grab since its colonial days.