Tony Hawk

  • Σανίδες, Street Art και η Ιστορία των Θρυλικών Ελληνο-Αυστραλών Sk8ers

    Όλα όσα συνέβησαν στο φετινό 7ply Project, τη γιορτή των skaters στη Θεσσαλονίκη.

  • Eat Meat with Your Hands Like God Intended

    Beefsteak is an annual event put on by Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric, Cort Cass, and Matt Selman in Los Angeles that raises money for the LA Food Bank. It's an epic bacchanalia of food, drink, and general merriment. We went to get the lowdown on...

  • Tony Hawk's Son Is a Stoner

    Riley Hawk, like all white, teenage Americans, makes stoner rock in his garage and is afraid of big-booty video girls. Unlike other rich stoner kids, though, he actually does stuff. I talked to him about why he sucks at being rich.

  • Animal Chin Changed Skateboarding Three Times

    I watched The Search for Animal Chin for the billionth time recently and nothing changed. The dialog was still goofy, the acting awkward, and the “plot” scattered. But that’s OK. We’re not talking about auteur cinema here; it’s a fucking skate video...

  • I Signed Up for and Went on a Date

    Why did I join a skateboard-centric online dating site rather than just going to a skate park and hitting on a Dylan Rieder clone? Have you been to one lately? It’s a great place to find young grommets and watch skate dads roll around. But it isn’t...

  • Clyde’s Corner – Andy Macdonald Is Not a Kook

    I’m sick of y’all disrespecting the Gawd Andy Mac. What does this dude have to do to get that Kevin Garnett respect in the game? But all the while y’all been treating this dude like the Rodney Dangerfield of skateboarding. I’m personally gonna detail...

  • Games

    The new Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is pretty good but all the hateful extra features are totally superfluous to the action.