• Chatting with Petra Collins About Her Menstruating-Vagina Shirt

    VICE pal Petra Collins caused an entertaining storm of controversy this week when she designed a T-shirt for American Apparel with a simplistic line drawing depicting a masturbating, menstruating woman with pubic hair.

  • The Perfect Vagina

    I had a patient once who would not stop complaining about her flaps—vaginal flaps. Miss Vagina Whiner first came to me saying she had lost all pleasure from sex because she was so embarrassed by her saggy lips, which drooped about her clitoris like the...

  • Fuck Fuzzy Elitism

    When will these body-hair evangelists, citing feminism as their cause (so blasphemous!), realize that being a fascist about fuzz doesn’t make them Valerie Solanas? It makes them insecure screaming tyrants.