west bank

  • I Couchsurfed with Settlers in the Holy Land

    A couple of months ago, my friend was on a rant (albeit, a very coherent one) about how CouchSurfing's website supports Zionism by allowing settlers in the West Bank to list their location as "Judea and Samaria"—the Israeli name for most of the...

  • Christmas in Palestine

    I spent Christmas in Bethlehem, Christ's birthplace, first in the international tourist hotspot of Manger Square, then in the hills surrounding it where there's fewer Nativity scenes and more posters honoring Palestinian martyrs and Fatah graffiti.

  • Palestinian Youths Are Being Shot in the West Bank

    Because bombing people in Gaza isn't enough.

  • We Just Spoke to People in Israel and Palestine About the Gaza Crisis

    Last night Israeli fighter jets rained down missiles upon Gaza. The assault came in retaliation to a week of rocket attacks on Israeli territory by Hamas. No one's panicking yet, but there's a strong possibility of all-out war.

  • World Peace Update

    We're not quite there yet, folks.

  • Coming Soon to a Riot Near You

    There are all sorts of horrible weapons that could make you stink, cry, and bleed.