• Let's Talk About TIFF

    I'm baaAAAack. In case you were wondering where I went, I took about a year off from my VICE column to direct a movie called Gerontophilia, which premiered at the Venice and Toronto international film festivals last month, and is currently...

  • Another TIFF Bites the Dust… Again

    It’s time for my second annual list of mini-reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, which I present partly in the belief that filmmakers should not be afraid to offer critiques of the films of other filmmakers, and partly because my own...

  • Treating Actors Like Cattle at the Toronto International Film Festival

    I didn’t spot any international celebrities at the party I threw at The Bovine Sex Club. They were probably off somewhere being herded through pens like bulls to slaughter. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

  • With God on All Sides

    Many evangelical Christian Republicans, from Chuck Norris on down, would have you believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Other Americans, presumably Democrats, actually believe Obama is Christ. Everyone wants to claim that Christ is on their side...

  • Inappropriate Dressing and Undressing

    Who knows, maybe Funny Van Money will start a new trend of suburban al fresco stripping that will sweep the nation. It would certainly liven up living in the goddamn crabgrass.

  • Regrettable Tattoos

    I believe that tattoos are and always should be not only about pain, but more importantly, regret. So please don’t waste your time agonizing over picking that perfect, precious tattoo that you will love forever and never spend a moment’s time feeling...

  • Skating in Monterrey

    I saw a lot of great art on my recent trip to Monterrey, Mexico. Punk as a musical, political, and aesthetic force is still very strong there. It sometimes takes on a kind of religious significance.

  • Religion in Monterrey

    I saw the devil's finger in Monterrey.

  • An Invitation to Monterrey

    We managed not to have our balls cut off and shoved down our throats.

  • Gays Misguided

    If city gays hang out only with other gays, it usually means they’re boring, unadventurous, and parochial queens who think vaginas smell like fish.

  • An Interview with Nina Arsenault Continues

    Was cannibalistic psycho killer Luka Magnotta well-endowed?

  • An Interview with Nina Arsenault

    An interview with transgendered performance artist Nina Arsenault about her ex, cannibalistic psycho killer Luka Magnotta.