• Prelude to 'Solo Piano Music'

    Like much of the literary elite in Syria, Fawwaz Haddad has watched his country disintegrate over the past 20 months. His stories explore the limits placed on Syrian society, zig-zagging between high-minded principles and the dirty business of everyday...

  • Room Service with Tracey Emin and Gary Indiana

    The following is a conversation between Gary Indiana and Tracey Emin at the Standard Hotel. In it, the pair discuss everything from writer's block to the fucking habits of the young and old. Somewhere along the line they order room service, too.

  • James Greer: Making the World His Bitch (and Elephants)

    Talking to the former Guided by Voices guy about kicking life's challenges in the dick, his new collection of short stories, and something about Steven Soderbergh and Broadway.

  • All Advice Is Bad

    The arbitrary brain feed of writerly legends who could easily be the faceless guy at the bar crying into his shoulder bag.

  • BizarroCon Is the Writers’ Retreat From Hell

    Eraserhead Press hosts the most insane literary minds this side of Ted Kaczynski's shack.

  • Written in the Writing

    Sheila Lowe has been analyzing handwriting for over 40 years. She looks at one scribbled line and can tell you all kinds of secret stuff about yourself. It’s scary.