Alex Jones Would Like You to Know He Was Brutally Pranked by a Guy Pretending to Be Tucker Carlson

“He thinks it's funny to call up Alex Jones and say 'suck my titties.'
Alex Jones desk microphone etc
Alex Jones discusses the prank call. Screenshot via Infowars. 

A Canadian prankster with a history of crank-calling conservative talk show hosts finally made his way to Alex Jones, using an AI-generated voice to pretend to be Tucker Carlson, paving the way for an extraordinary on-air monologue-cum-meltdown on Infowars Thursday. In his response to the call, Jones, who claims to be a bold truth-teller, lectured his audience about how it is not, in fact, funny to call him, pretend to be Tucker Carlson, and beseech him to “suck my titties.” 


In a tweet on Wednesday, Chris James, a serial prankster who streams his under the name Prank Stallone, said he’d targeted Jones. (James shares his videos on Patreon, Twitch, YouTube, and a streaming platform called Means TV.)

“Okay so let’s say someone has Tucker Carlson’s cell number,” he tweeted, “and also Alex Jones’ cell phone number, and also an AI Tucker Carlson voice. They could IN THEORY call Alex Jones and pretend to be Tucker, and have a full conversation with him. Anyways I just did that.”

In a follow-up tweet, James added, “I was honestly caught off guard by how much he bought that it was Tucker. I ran out of clips.” 

While the episode James was recording audio for has yet to air—it is set to debut Monday, and the world awaits with bated breath—Jones himself immediately responded publicly, in a 15-minute monologue on his show. It’s safe to say he did not see the humor. 

“He stole Tucker Carlson’s identity,” Jones said. “He faked his number. He faked his voice. He called me and made sexual threats, basically. And he just thinks that’s funny. Because in his sociopathic world, I don’t exist. Alex Jones is fair game for any attacks. So is Tucker Carlson. We’re gonna find out who you’re working with, buddy.” 

Jones is occasionally gifted a bit of incidental prophecy, however, and he went on to make the point that AI voice cloning is going to be used for far more sinister purposes than getting Alex Jones to sputter and turn an even deeper shade of red. He pointed to a recent story about a mother who thinks scammers cloned her daughter's voice to fake a terrifying kidnapping and ransom call.


“This is just the beginning,” Jones growled. “It’s now the scum of the earth like Prank Stallone has access to this.” 

As is his wont, Jones managed to connect a guy asking if his refrigerator was running, more or less, to the end of days. “World War Three has begun,” he claimed, inaccurately. “The borders are wide open and all these trendy liberals” – by this he presumably meant James – “are running around having fun, all thinking about themselves. All playing games, and the whole system's over. It's over. Game over. Listen, girls.” 

Jones concluded that pranksters like James think “judges and lawyers” will protect them. But, he said, “None of you are protected. It's all about to be washed away by your own evil. And I guess in a way that's kind of a good thing. All of the Holy Spirit can carry us through this.”

Jones, who is bankrupt and owes a huge amount of money to Sandy Hook parents after a landmark series of defamation cases didn’t go his way, went on to read a fairly defeated-sounding set of ads. Before he did, however, he suggested that a crime had been committed and vowed revenge on the prank caller unless he came on the air to “explain your intent was not to be mean,” something James promptly tweeted that he would not do. 

“You sowed the wind,” Jones said, with his trademark understatement “And you now reap the whirlwind.”