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Put Kimchi in Your Quesadilla Because Life is Short

Milk Bar's Christina Tosi ingeniously marries the funk of stinky blue cheese to equally pungent kimchi for a snack that takes less than 15 minutes to make.

There are certain items that sustain almost every destitute college student: mac and cheese, malt liquor, and quesadillas. Vegans and teetotalers tend to get quite lean in those years.

That's because corn, pasta, cheese, and hastily made, high-proof alcohol are all cheaper than cat food, which is not an appropriate snack for coeds. If you can whip up a meal in between classes with the spare change you found while rooting around in your roommate's desk, that's a job well done.


MAKE IT: Kimchi Quesadillas

But now that we're a little older, a little wiser, and ever so slightly less cash-poor, we still return to the humble quesadilla as a source of cheap, easy, and comforting nourishment. Because quesadillas are, in fact, the bomb.

Leave it to cookie maven Christina Tosi of Milk Bar to elevate things even further than your usual cheddar-on-flour spiked with a jolt of Cholula.

Being an un-bossy boss, she gives due credit for Milk Bar's Kimchi Quesadillas to a Milk Maid named Helen Jo, who ingeniously married the funk of stinky blue cheese to equally pungent kimchi.

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Tosi says that Milk Maids regularly eat these quesadillas for staff meal, but the wondrous thing about quesadillas is that they don't demand a given time.

Have one tonight. Have one at 3 AM. Have one now.

This first appeared on MUNCHIES in September 2016.