• Vegan Aborrajados Recipe

    Plant-based mozzarella is swaddled in yellow plantains, then dipped in a spicy, creamy sauce in this version of the classic Colombian street food.

  • Simple Brined Turkey Breast and Stuffing Recipe

    Brine your turkey, then roast it on a savory bed of sausage and fresh sourdough bread stuffing in this impressive, yet simple, turkey dinner for two.

  • Vodka Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    Spiking your cranberry sauce will make dealing with your relatives at the holidays a whole lot easier.

  • Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies with Sea Salt Recipe

    Olive oil creates a silky, rich texture that enhances the flavor of these sweet and salty dark chocolate chip cookies.

  • Forbidden Doughnuts Recipe

    These fluffy doughnuts, of The Simpsons notoriety, are baked until golden, then spun in a glossy, trademark pink glaze and showered in rainbow sprinkles.

  • Palm Cakes Recipe

    Hearts of palm and chickpeas take the place of crab in these savory, crispy cakes dipped in a spicy vegan mayo.