• Dal Tadka Recipe

    Cook red lentils until creamy, then pour on spices and chilies toasted in clarified butter to amplify this comforting Indian dish.

  • Chili Oil Noodles Recipe

    Infuse clarified brown butter with aromatics and Szechuan peppercorns, then use it to build a super savory, glossy sauce to coat chewy noodles.

  • Curry Chicken Recipe

    Marinate chicken overnight in a blend of fragrant, toasted spices, then braise until falling apart-tender before serving it over steamed basmati rice.

  • Salty Cashew Blondies Recipe

    Double-roast cashews and coat them in toffee to add a salty crunch to Claire Saffitz’s rich and chewy blondie recipe.

  • Oi Sobaggi 오이소박이 (Cucumber Kimchi) Recipe

    Stuff and lightly ferment cucumbers with a spicy, garlicky dressing in this refreshing, bright rendition of kimchi, traditionally served as a summer side dish in Korea.

  • Gutjuri 겉절이 (Fresh Greens Kimchi) Recipe

    Utilize your favorite spring and summer greens in this simple, quick kimchi.

  • Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe

    Make the very best version of the American packed-lunch classic with thick slices of fried bologna, a crunchy layer of salt and vinegar chips, and a homemade sweet n’ spicy mustard.

  • Spiced Chickpea Rice Recipe

    Inspired by the family dinners Jean-Michel Basquiat’s father, Gerard, cooked for him and his sisters growing up, this vegetarian dish features crispy chickpeas cooked with tons of spices, then steamed with basmati rice.

  • Lamb Tibs Recipe

    Marinate lamb with garlic, rosemary, and cardamom, then quickly cook until juicy and tender in this treasured Ethiopian staple.

  • Black Pepper-Braised Pork Belly

    Braise black pepper and fish sauce-marinated pork belly in coconut juice until golden and tender, then serve with fluffy rice and bright pickled mustard greens in this essential Vietnamese recipe.

  • Kris Jenner’s Cheese Borags Recipe

    3 cheeses and a medley of fresh herbs are folded into delicate phyllo dough, brushed with butter, and baked until golden in this crispy appetizer brought to you by the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner.

  • Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipe

    Ranch seasoning is the secret weapon in this straightforward and simple mashed potato recipe.