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Paul Woolford Is Worried SC Will Fold So He Released 20 Free Tracks

The English artist says he's got over 2000 more unreleased tunes in the vault.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Amid recent rumors of SoundCloud's imminent end—since denied by the company's founder—UK polymath Paul Woolford has taken to the music streaming platform to share several hours of unreleased material. The 20 tracks he's released since last Thursday, July 13 reflect his interest in a diversity of styles, ranging from a 17-minute disco suite ("The Head Of Goliath - Parts V & VI") to euphoric house ("Unreleased Project Volume 853") and self-described "moody hoover-driven psychedelic mindcore" ("Forcefield.")


"The archive is vast and probably runs to about 2300-ish tracks stretching back 15 years," Woolford said in a note on SoundCloud. "There is no point in releasing everything, some things work as exercises or as developments on the way to other locations, but I think SoundCloud is a context in itself that is strong enough to warrant things being released on here alone." He added that he was "Going ham on SoundCloud right now before the platform goes out of the window" in a Facebook post.

Last year THUMP interviewed Woolford ahead of the release of his "Mother & Child" single on Hotflush, and he said "the best [artistic] inspiration is to go to a gallery and stand in front of a 400 year old masterpiece."

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