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A 'Kung Fu Hustle' Sequel Is In the Works, Stephen Chow Says

Let's pray it won't disappoint.
Kung Fu Hustle screenshot via Youtube
Kung Fu Hustle screenshot via Youtube

After 15 years of rumors and several letdowns, Stephen Chow’s martial arts cult classic, Kung Fu Hustle, is finally getting a sequel.

In an interview promoting his new movie, The New King of Comedy, the actor-turned-director says that a follow up to the hit blockbuster is currently in the works. However, Chow, who also played the main protagonist in the first movie, said that he will only be directing and perhaps making a small cameo in the sequel.


When Kung Fu Hustle came out in 2004, the action-packed comedy received international acclaim with stars like Bill Murray as a fan, lauding it as "the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy."

Kung Fu Hustle is set in the 1930-1940s, in a fictional slum in Shanghai inhabited by martial arts masters. For 98 minutes, we follow Sing, a scrawny wannabe gang member who initially came to terrorize the slum residents, become somewhat of a reluctant hero.

The movie’s over-the-top effects, which include a Road Runner and Wile E Coyote-esque chase scene, are intentionally absurd. Albeit goofy, the spectacular choreographed fighting sequences and cutesy romantic backstory makes for an endearing classic.

While often sequels are awful and should never be made in the first place— hello, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom— Chow said that it wouldn’t exactly be a sequel but more like a ‘’spiritual follow up’’ that will be set in modern times. So far, there's little information about the plot of the sequel, and who will be in it.

While we wait, I know I'll be rewatching Kung Fu Hustle on Netflix this weekend.