Search Continues for Missing Frightened Rabbit Frontman Scott Hutchison

Police are asking for anyone with information on the 36-year-old singer's whereabouts to come forward. His brother, Grant, thanked fans for their support this morning.

The search for missing Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison continues this morning as his bandmates and the Edinburgh police appeal for more information on the 36-year-old singer's whereabouts.

Hutchison was first reported missing Wednesday morning. Police have determined that he left the Dakota Hotel in South Queensferry at 1 AM on Wednesday. After analyzing CCTV footage, police are now asking for two people who may have crossed paths with Hutchison on the Forth Road Bridge to come forward.


Chief Inspector Alan Carson said in a statement: "It is important to stress that, at this time, we do not know definitively where Scott has headed after leaving the Dakota Hotel and the assistance of the public is therefore vital to help us with this investigation. Anyone who believes they have seen Scott since 1 AM on Wednesday morning should get in touch.

"In particular, the two people who crossed the Forth Road Bridge from South Queensferry at 1:10 AM may have useful information and we are extremely keen to speak with them," the statement continues. "Similarly, we would also urge others to come forward if they have any other information relevant to our investigation.

"Finally, I'd like to reiterate our appeal to Scott directly, to make contact with family, friends, or with police and let us know where you are."

Scott's brother Grant, who also plays drums in Frightened Rabbit, thanked fans for their support on Twitter this morning: "All we ask is you keep him in your thoughts, keep an eye out and keep sharing his picture online."

Grant also spoke to Radio X to thank fans, appeal for more information, and send a message to his brother:

We've been coping as well as we can really. All the family are together and just supporting each other and doing all they can to let Scott know that we're all for him and that we love him. It's very up and down. It comes in waves, and we all feel a little helpless. But the support's been incredible…


The support’s been immense, and it really does keep us going and keep us feeling positive about the situation, to know that there’s that many people out there that care so much about Scott and want us know know that—and want him to know that, as well. If he has access to get online and he’s seen any of it, then it’s important that we keep sharing that, to let him know that he’s loved. And we just want him to come back and let him know that everything’s all right.

Just come back. There’s nothing so insurmountable that we can’t figure it out together and help you to get better. We’re all here for you, and we all love you very much. You can see the support online, as well. Then just know that everyone loves you very much, and we just want you to come back and be safe.

Grant, alongside brother Neil, also gave an interview to Radio Forth News:

If you are in Scotland and have any information on Hutchison's whereabouts, you can contact Police Scotland by dialing 101. Hutchison, who is 36 years old, was last seen wearing a dark baseball cap, a navy blue hooded jacket, grey or khaki trousers, and white trainers.

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