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Coldplay's "A L I E N S" Is Not About Memes or the Illuminati, but It's Fine

Brian Eno is on this track, we're good.

The issue with communicating things online is the evolving nature of connotations. By themselves, the word "aliens" and the act of placing spaces between capital letters are not that funny. When you place them together, you get people thinking about that very old ancient aliens meme. From there, we get to the entire world of fake-fakedeep "lizardmen are real" shitposting, which culminated in Tom DeLonge's entire post-Blink-182 career. That's why Coldplay calling a song on their upcoming EP "A L I E N S" is incredibly, unintentionally funny.


Unfortunately for us shitposters, the song and lyric video aren't actually awash in cringeworthy conspiracy theories and are quite pleasant. The song's amiable and has Brian Eno on the beat, while the video follows some cute cartoon aliens as they flee their home planet. Coldplay aren't as gonzo as Muse, which is fine, but then again do we want two Muses in the world? We do not because Muse is special and terrible as a singularity. In any case, watch the "A L I E N S" lyric video below.

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