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Premiere: Pet Cemetery - "Amber Sweet"

A song for when all you want to do is sleep but your brain won't shut up.
July 30, 2015, 10:37am

There are a few minutes in everybody's day, between waking up and actually being awake, when your vision is completely unreliable. Your eyelids are sealed shut by some weird goo, dreams creep over into reality, and you mistake a pile of clothes on a chair for an enormous cat staring at you from across the room. Everything is weird and out of focus, and that's what Pet Cemetery's new video for "Amber Sweet", premiering above, feels like too.

Pet Cemetery is a bedroom pop project led by Saam of Playlounge and Nudes and Thalassocracy fame, because apparently some people just can't be in enough bands. Leave some bands for the rest of us, Saam, jeez. Anyway, the track is a short, sweet letter to being tired, complete with handclaps. Here's what Saam has to say about it:

"Amber Sweet was written 2 years ago and is the first song I wrote for Pet Cemetery, kinda to test the water. It's about someone I didn't get to know too well and don't know anymore. It's also about my favourite band William, Black Hole by Charles Burns, and how sometimes you can't sleep because your brain has like a million thoughts and you're so tired but you can't turn your thoughts off."

"Amber Sweet" will be released as a split single via new label Havana Tapes, which you can pre-order here. There's also a Havana Tapes launch party happening at Birthdays on Saturday where Pet Cemetery will be playing live in the flesh, for anyone who likes free gigs and music.