Alex Miller

  • What to Do in Europe - The VICE Guide to Europe 2014

    Hi. This is the VICE Guide to Europe 2014, a travel guide featuring pork, anarchists, bicycles, politicians, fishermen, racists, tear gas, cocaine, pizzas, techno, beer, football fans, bands, and waiters.

  • The Qatari World Cup Scandals Are Robbing Football of Its Heroes

    Between the weather conditions and the allegations of slave labor, the Qatari World Cup is shaping up to be a real shit show, but its greatest offense might be ensnaring some of our favorite former players in its web.

  • London's Holy Turf Wars

    Over the last year, a quasi-religious turf war has sprung up on the streets of London. Young, radicalized Muslim patrols are enforcing Sharia law in the capital. In reaction, far-right Christian patrols are also taking the law into their own hands.

  • London's Holy Turf War

    Meeting the Muslim and Christian patrols battling for London's streets.

  • Life as an Illegal Immigrant in Greece

    Greece has always been a gateway for immigrants searching for a better life in Europe. But many of those who crossed illegally into Greece found that they traded one bad situation for another. VICE News' Alex Miller went to Greece to find out what it...

  • Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

    Dissident republican activity in Derry is increasing, thanks to the merger of the Real IRA with anti-drug vigilantes.