Alex Schubert

  • The Contest

    Alex Schubert finally returns to drawing his own comic, but it's just some promotional contest for his "merch."

  • High School

    This week, we flashback to Fashion Cat's horrible high school years.

  • Kristen Wiig

    Fashion Cat is at Seth Rogen's house, and Kristen Wiig won't even look at him.

  • Fashion Institute

    When Alex Schubert was in art school, a kid was put in a mental institution for doing the things Fashion Cat does in this comic.

  • Ariel Pink

    Fashion Cat is on the red carpet interviewing Ariel Pink about what it means to chase negative publicity. It's a laugh and a half.

  • FML

    Fashion Cat is sad and thinking about all his problems.

  • The Top Five Comics of 2014

    Cartoonist Alex Schubert shares his list of the top five comics he didn't draw in 2014.

  • Merry Christmas, Fashion Cat

    It's Christmas in Los Angeles, so Fashion Cat rides his motorcycle to the Observatory to meet with God.

  • Am I Basic?

    Fashion Cat is sitting around busting on basics until he's confronted by the eternal question: "Am I, myself, a basic?"

  • Snoopy's Life

    Fashion Cat is concerned about his future. How does Snoopy make it look so easy?

  • A Very Blobby Thanksgiving

    Who is comic mastermind Alex Schubert thankful for this year? One very lucky VICE commenter, that's who.

  • Owen Wilson Sells Blood for Ramen Money

    The Blobby Boys are still broke and trying to find money. Adrian decides to try selling his blood because why not?