Alex Sturrock

  • Alex Sturrock Shoots Foxes

    London has a fox infestation. It's gotten so bad, in fact, that London mayor and human merkin stand Boris Johnson recently suggested Londoners start hunting them. Still, I can't help having a real soft spot for them—so much so, in fact, that when I...

  • Night Buses

    "These were taken on the night buses around central London over a few nights in June. I don't think anybody takes the night bus out of anything but the utmost necessity, and I think these photos reflect that."

  • Anti-socials

    Last year I travelled up and down Britain for six months to meet and take photographs of people with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. In case you didn't know, an ASBO is something invented by the Labour government to give out to people who are seen as a...

  • Nerdstock

    We know that the Gathering sounds like some ominous, secret meeting of the Masons at a Scientology retreat in a secret bunker under Area 51, but it's really just 5,500 teenage nerds in a massive, chilly, smelly auditorium.

  • Vice Fashion - Kurd Stars F.c

    Photos by Alex SturrockStyling by Aldene Johnson