Anita Crapper

  • Sick to Death

    Throwing Up are a new band from London who are different from most new bands in London in that they might not be total dog piss and they don't sit around being moody and taking themselves seriously.

  • Dawn Of A New Apocalypse

    After ten years of having to suffer difficult-to-listen-to arty screamo bands made up of sensitive guys wearing lampshades on their heads, it seems like hardcore kids are looking back to the straight up power violence/metalcore bands of the early 90s...

  • Bag Of Shite

    Our UK intern Jack smells funny. It's not because he doesn't shower or anything, it's because he rides one of the dirtiest buses in the whole of London every day.

  • Whose Farts Smell Worse?

    We hired a male model from the internet and got two girls who work in porn to fart on his face twice. They did this once while wearing jeans and once while wearing skimpy porno underwear.

  • Kitty-cide

    Tragically for cat-lovers, Chester is just a small drop of sad rain in an ever-expanding ocean of feline depression. A newly-identified condition dubbed Feline Reactionary Misanthrope Syndrome (FRMS) is affecting domestic cats throughout the United...

  • Bringing It Back

    Planet X closed down, got flooded to fuck and then lay abandoned for years at the mercy of smackheads.