Annabelle Chapman

  • Poland's Foreign Minister Said His Country's Relationship with the US Is 'Complete Bullshit'

    In the first recording to be released, the interior minister, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, tells the governor of Poland’s central bank that “the Polish state exists only in theory; in practice it doesn’t exist.” So far, he has kept his job.

  • Poland's Leaked Conversations Could Bring Down The Government

    In a leaked conversation Poland’s foreign minister was caught dismissing the county's relationship with the United States as "worthless."

  • The Ukraine Uprising’s Bloodiest Day Yet

    At least 25 people have died so far, including nine police officers, and the number of injured could run “into the thousands.”

  • The Ukraine Uprising Had Its Bloodiest Day Yet

    Yesterday's violence was the deadliest since Ukraine’s EuroMaidan protests began in November. The number of deaths rose throughout the day, as more and more corpses were found in the streets of Kiev. By Wednesday morning, at least 25 people had lost...

  • Protesters Are Dying in the Streets of Kiev

    Though there's currently a ceasefire between the riot cops and the anti-government protesters, the last few days in Kiev have been marked by violence, deaths, and threats against journalists.

  • Are Terrorists Intent on Destroying the Sochi Olympics?

    Sochi is heavily guarded ahead of the Olympics, with a security zone stretching about 60 miles along the coast and 25 miles inland. Still, Doku Umarov, the leader of an umbrella Islamist organization known as the Caucasus Emirate, has called on his...