Carrie Tucker

  • Action Sports in Southern California

    What's that? You weren't aware Southern California is big on action sports? Have you ever loooked at a map, asshole?

  • Eating in the Eastside

    There's old money in Los Feliz, and art school kids and Hispanics everywhere else. Plus some industry people are in Glendale, since it's close to Burbank.

  • Traffic Tips for Tourists (and Transplants)

    First and foremost, you must have a car in LA. If you visit, you must rent a car. Cabs are laughably expensive and no one wants to drive your sorry ass around everywhere. Walking is out of the question

  • Eating in Los Angeles

    You can go ahead and disagree with us when we say that the LA food scene has always been sort of grim. (Shut up, transplants-after you find yourself eating Mexican for 17 years you'll stop yammering about how coooool those burrito stands are.) Until...

  • Welcome to Southern California

    Southern California is a giant mess of freeways, beaches, desert, a few mountains here and there, and strip malls. No shit, that’s pretty much all they have, especially the strip-mall part of that description. Finding a stand-alone establishment...