Christopher Lucas

  • The Jerkoff Diaries, Part IV

    This whole project is about growing up. Putting away childish things. Yes, your penis is a childish thing, particularly when you use it as a play toy. And I’ve realized my body is not a toy anymore. It's not a temple exactly yet. Maybe it’s a crucible...

  • The Jerkoff Diaries: Part III

    I have been having a little trouble with the one part of 50 Cent's no masturbation plan I thought would be the easiest. I am noticing myself wanting to turn around and check out the asses of women I pass on the street. Not cool. But true.

  • The Jerkoff Diaries: Part II

    I honestly have no idea what blueballs are or whether they exist at all, scientifically speaking. But on Saturday I experienced something that may have been them. Saturday morning started unusually. With a blowjob from my wife. Well, almost a blowjob...

  • The Jerkoff Diaries

    My back hurts. My eyes are dry. And my neck is tighter than my asshole. The only thing more embarrassing than blogging (BLOGGING!) about trying to stop masturbating is blogging about being constipated from not masturbating.