Conner Habib

  • Queer Christ: A Primer on LGBT Theology

    The new queer theology movement––spearheaded by a trans* priest and a radical Biblical interpreter––is reinventing the missionary position.

  • Bent-Con Is a Comic Convention for Gay Nerds

    The most interesting thing for me at this annual LA LGBT meet up was (no surprise) the plumbing. There were comic book drawings of hyper-muscular red-skinned devils showing off their meat, a guy dressed as Cyclops from the X-Men shaking his butt, and...

  • The Un-Science of Radionics

    To get a handle on a controversial, discredited, and generally bizarre medical technology called radionics, here’s a story about me as a horny teenager.

  • Fap for Freedom

    There’s been a handful of masturbation stories in the news lately, mostly pointing to our shared anxieties about freedom and porno. After all, censoring porn is a testing ground for widespread censorship, and regulating masturbation is a testing ground...

  • Kirk Cameron Wrote the Bible

    You may think you know how gross Kirk Cameron is, but unless you saw his latest "movie," Unstoppable, which was broadcast as part of a live event, you have no idea.