Débora Lopes

Débora Lopes


Débora Lopes é jornalista. Em 2016, ganhou o segundo lugar do V Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo sobre Drogas.

  • Cracking Crackland

    Downtown São Paulo, Brazil, has long been home to a roving open-air drug market called Crackland, but with the World Cup approaching, the authorities are trying everything in their power to clean the area up.

  • Police Used Martial Arts Against Anti-World Cup Protesters

    Officers decided using chokeholds was more humane than using batons on the 1,500 who rallied in São Paulo.

  • Anarchists in São Paulo Rioted Against the World Cup This Weekend

    This past weekend 2,500 people marched in protest against the cost of hosting the World Cup. I guess the thought of tens of thousands of football fans crowding the streets and pissing the official tournament beer up against the wall of your house for a...