Geoff Manaugh

Geoff Manaugh

  • Dormitorium

    The man responded exactly as they said he would, his eyelids growing heavy, before, against his will, he closed them.

  • Summerland, Part II

    An island rocked by storm, a man apart, and a woman with a rare blood disease who can't bear the light of day.

  • Summerland

    One man, alone on an island amidst a terrible storm, is about to receive visitors.

  • Ernest

    A socially mediated ghost story.

  • Plate Tectonics Affects How Robots Navigate

    Australia, it turns out, is not quite where maps think it is.

  • How Augmented Reality Will Reshape Cities

    Pokémon Go—and the frustrations it's causing in physical space—could catalyze a new form of virtual urban zoning.