• The Great Manhattan Masturbation Crawl

    Between 44th and 48th on the west side of Manhattan's 8th Avenue (the side of the street that gets dark a little earlier), there are four shining establishments where one can go to enjoy a wide selection of pornography, and to masturbate inside of a...

  • I’ll Give You Some Threats

    I texted some pretty mean shit from someone else’s phone to author Amelia Gray and she punched me in the face.

  • James Greer: Making the World His Bitch (and Elephants)

    Talking to the former Guided by Voices guy about kicking life's challenges in the dick, his new collection of short stories, and something about Steven Soderbergh and Broadway.

  • Dave Hill Wrote Some Stupid Book

    Everyone is sick of reading and buying books, so Dave wrote one.

  • Talking Dirty with Edmund White

    Edmund is a living giant and will always be our Great Gay Hope. I've heard him say that his life is an open book; I recently interviewed him and tried my best to crack the spine.

  • Friday Tyrant - Karl Taro Greenfeld Doesn't Write on Meth

    I know Karl a little, but I've never talked to him about this image I have in my head of him being crazy and doing a bunch of speed in Asia. So we finally got around to it.