Giles Clarke

  • Under the Volcano - Mining Conflicts in Guatemala Are Erupting in Violence

    In 2000, engineers from Radius Gold, a Vancouver-based mining company, discovered a belt of gold deep inside the Tambor mountains in southern Guatemala. Few locals were consulted before Radius moved in. Few of them knew anything was happening at all.

  • The Crumbling Ruins of Sarajevo's 1984 Winter Olympics

    I come to the ruins of the winners' podium. "This is where skiers were presented with their medals after winning events in the 1984 Olympics," Tanya tells me. "It was also the exact spot where the Bosnian army executed many prisoners during the war...

  • Kiev's Ice-Hardened Few

    Tuesday's clashes in front of the Ukrainian parliament punctuated a weeks-long standoff between anti-government protesters and security forces in Kiev's sprawling tent city, known as the EuroMaidan.

  • Kiev: Faces from the Front Line

    VICE photographer and human rights activist Giles Clarke shows us protestors living in the barricades on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Protests and Bloodshed Show No Signs of Stopping in Kiev

    Since Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych decided to publicly step away from a trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union and align Ukraine with Putin’s Russia, the people of Kiev have surrounded Independence Square to defend their...

  • Prison Pit

    In a rancid, sweltering prison yard ringed by a high wall topped with barbed wire sat three cages. They stood about 12 feet wide and 15 feet tall—each crammed with more than 30 human bodies.