Grace Scott

  • I Went to a Gay Rodeo, and Now I Want to Bone Cowboys

    I never liked rodeos, because I had never experienced the rugged masculinity of the true rural cowboy. But after a day of chatting with some gay horse riders at the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association's rodeo, the sex appeal of the cowboy became...

  • I Woke Up and Calgary Was Flooded

    When I woke up in downtown Calgary on Friday morning, I was in the middle of the evacuation zone in an apartment building with no electricity.

  • Is Alberta the STI Capital of Canada?

    Growing up in Calgary, my friends and I would always joke about Banff being the STI capital of Canada, largely due to a serious disdain for the neon sleaze of snowboard culture. Recently, however, Alberta’s STI rates have actually been exceeding the...