Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

  • How to Drink Beer This Summer and Not Look Like a Total Idiot

    Summer demands the boozy escape that a tropical cocktail can provide, but we also know that beer has its place on the beach, too.

  • Dirty Work: Making Beer from Your Garden Plants Is Easier Than You’d Think

    After picking some fresh herbs from the MUNCHIES garden, I made some home-brewed beer that's easy enough for any beginner.

  • Whale Balls Don't Belong in Beer

    In early March, I flew into Reykjavík with my friends from Connecticut's Two Roads Brewing Co. to make an Icelandic beer. I quickly learned that fermented shark meat does not belong in beer, and that hot springs should be avoided altogether.

  • Texans Are Making Coffee with Beer

    Everything’s bigger in Texas, and their growing beer demand is king. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a Hill Country brewery that's making some of the best beers in the world. Their proposition: to make beer into coffee.

  • Making Beer for a Michelin-Starred Chef Is Beyond Intimidating

    I've collaborated with some of the world's best restaurants, but working with someone who is at the top of their game is still intimidating in many ways. This time, I brewed with the famed Mathias Dalghren, who made me wonder if I’m secretly Swedish...

  • Infected Beers Can Be Delicious Mistakes

    It's flu season, and like any living creature, craft beers can get infections. Sometimes, the infection is out of your control and can make your beer taste like skunk and wet cardboard, or if you're lucky, green apples.