Jordan N. Mamone

  • Contemplating the Heavens with VHK's Atilla Grandpierre

    Decked out in robes and war paint, Atilla howls with profound fury and joy while whipping himself into a shamanistic frenzy. Comparatively speaking, his shamanic punk band VHK makes Gogol Bordello seem about as intense as a middle-school production of...

  • Live Skull, Dead Body

    Seeing as all of their songs on Spotify have a little "less than 1000 plays" symbol next to them, chances are you haven’t listened to much Live Skull. They were the best of the New York no-wave psychos, and they've aged better than Hungarian dessert...

  • Bringing in the String Section with Mars' Mark Cunningham

    Mars never made a bad album. In fact, during its fleeting, 36-month lifespan, the NYC no wave combo never made any kind of album.

  • Bringing in the String Section with Michael Gira

    Michael Gira is not known for making tepid, lightweight albums. Swans exudes a superhuman intensity. Even the band's recent reunion has transcended expectations.