Julia Prescott

  • LA's Best Art House Theater Had a 24-Hour Telethon

    The Cinefamily, an organization dedicated to exhibiting interesting and hard-to-find films, had its annual telethon last weekend in Los Angeles. Miranda July, Tim Heidecker, Mike Judge, and more came out to help keep the group's activities funded.

  • I Went to a Pokémon Musical

    I figured I'd be experiencing off-key voices, patchy dialogue, and terrible dance moves. I was prepared for a room of sweaty nerds resting solely on their references. But this was actually a terrific night of theater magic.

  • Do Squeaky-Clean Child Pop Stars Even Matter Anymore?

    With the recent Miley Cyrus reputation-burning VMAs performance, one wonders if there is a sustainability and need for squeaky-clean pop stars. Do these kids realize that kid hip-hop acts like Matty B may just be a waiting room for a latex-bikini phase?

  • There Was a Harry Potter Craft Fair in Los Angeles

    One of the strangest things in Los Angeles is its “Harry Potter store" on Wilshire Boulevard. Whimsic Alley, as it’s officially called, continues to draw in fans years since the last book hit shelves, or the last movie hit theaters. It's like the real...

  • Things Nobody Cares About at Comic-Con

    There’s plenty to love about Comic Con. The sense that you’re participating with your generation and the validation granted by other convention-goers as they smile dutifully to you in passing is great. There’s also a heap that the majority of attendees...

  • I Went to a Sound Bath (and It Was Totally Lame)

    Yep, a “sound bath.” The name alone baffles people. Before I went I imagined an empty room with several people lying down, experiencing sound waves that felt like Mother Nature orgasming through your eardrums. What I actually experienced? Smelly feet...