Lane Milburn

  • Envoy - 'Night Out'

    A human lady and her rat alien friend thing are interloping on an alien religious ceremony that looks like something from 'Temple of Doom.'

  • Envoy - 'Idle Day'

    Jo Sparta and Grak are space people who do space things. In this comic, the duo discuss their lives before they become desk people.

  • Envoy - 'I Beg Your Pardon?'

    Jo Sparta tries to talk to the native aliens at a town hall summit but things quickly turn violent.

  • Envoy - 'In the Lab'

    Jo Sparta and Grak are in the lab being told about Arcadite, a desirable mineral. Grak eats a gross bug.

  • Envoy - 'Colonel Dreyer's Office'

    Jo Sparta gets a mission from a creepy military man. Her space rat friend is not at all comfortable in his robot body.

  • Envoy #6 - 'Night Delivery'

    An alien military carts around futuristic weapons in the latest episode of Lane Milburn's sci-fi comic.