Laurie Penny

  • The Killing Jar

    Tuesday’s murder is nothing special apart from the paperwork.

  • Blue Monday

    Everyone loves cute animal videos. We’ve got all of them here. On every screen in front of me, baby animals are barking and squealing in fake living rooms to maintain the illusion that we’re not pumping this stuff out on an industrial scale.

  • ​Making Babies

    How to engineer a happy childhood.

  • What Is This Europe That You Keep Talking About?

    This week, voters in Europe elected a frightening amount of far-right and fascist politicians to the European Parliament in Brussels. What's behind the xenophobic uprising? Anger, poverty, unemployment, and the feeling that the interests of everyday...

  • The Holy War on Irish Wombs

    Thousands of scared Irish women without options fly to England every year to get an abortion, largely thanks to the Irish Catholic Church’s war on reproductive rights. But things are changing. For women across the country, shame and intimidation are no...

  • What Is the England That English Fascists Want to Defend?

    Laurie Penny spent the day with Tommy Robinson – leader of the EDL – trying to find out.

  • Greece's Fascist Homophobes Have God and Police on Their Side

    It's a warm night in Athens, and the nuns have broken the police line. They didn't have to try too hard. The lines of riot cops assembled outside the Chytirio theater are mostly trying to stop the anti-fascists from reaching the neo-Nazis, nuns, and...