Liz Armstrong

  • 'Be Here Nowish' Is a Queer, Spiritual Comedy from the Creators of 'Every Woman'

    Be Here Nowish picks up where the main characters—fuck-ups in their own rights—left off, finding themselves in Los Angeles among a group of freaky devotees of a guru played by Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio.

  • The Black Market Diplomat to Liberia

    There aren’t really secret meetings in the dark where yellow-toothed, pot-bellied murderers hand over blood diamonds to diplomats after selling their enslaved wives to Islamic leaders, right? Sad news: it’s all real, and 'The Ambassador' has the...

  • With Love from LA - Fatal Jamz

    Here’s the awesome thing about longhaired hesher glam types who play music these days: Whether or not you like what they're doing, they fully, deeply in their hearts believe they’re putting it all on the line. It’s like they fucking mean it, do or die.

  • With Love from LA - Snow Wite

    It was like, "OK, we need a red sports car to film in front of," and instead of renting it, we drove around Hollywood until we found a red Trans-Am parked right in front of a mansion and just shot the scene there in the middle of the street.

  • Combover, Interpreted

    This month's installment of 'Combover' has no words. Here's your cheat sheet, an interview with photographer Janicza Bravo, who tells us about Combover's strange homoerotic shamanic dream.

  • The Department of False Prophets Presents: Kumaré

    This film is where total dick behavior and true humanity blurs. So, so many questions.

  • Photo Issue Interview - Jaimie Warren

    I get to just hang out all day looking disgusting, while my friends get dolled up and beautiful.

  • Magical Spy Sneakers

    It’s a bit of a wonder that communism hasn’t fallen to its knees, screaming, “You win!” at Nike. Since 2006, the company has implanted tracking sensors into its line of Nike+ sneakers, a practice you would think certainly has political implications.

  • Fire Sale Everything Must Go


  • Meet Our Hot Dog

    An interview with Kurt Braunohler, our advice columnist who turned crotch climatology into almost a real job.

  • Endless Columns of Outer Space

    Right where we figured out how the universe was born, this weekend there's some special communication with outer space.

  • The Whore of Babalon

    It all started when she took acid every day for six days, and on the seventh stuffed seven hits in her vagina.