Lou Doggs

  • Taking a Step Back

    A football player committed a murder-suicide on Saturday, and folks seem to be forgetting about his girl. In less serious but still depressing news, David Stern fined a coach a lot of money and the NHL still isn't happening. Man, this sucks.

  • Even That Jerky Fireman Has Quit Cheering for the Jets

    The Patriots killed the Jets, a sprinkler system delayed a football game, and Justin Bieber played at halftime during the championship game of the Canadian Football League. Hockey continued to not happen, and there's sad news about the head of the...

  • Canadian Man Delivers Whupping to Non-Canadian

    Georges St. Pierre won, the Marlins gutted their team again, and there are now 14 teams in the Big Ten. Also, college basketball began while the NHL continues to not begin. Sports? Sports. Again.

  • The Lakers' Long National Nightmare Is Over

    This week in sports, Michael Vick got concussed, some NASCAR dudes got in a fight, and the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni. Oh yeah, and the Knicks are good, while the Jets continue to be terrible and a football game ended in a tie, neither of which are...

  • The Day the Running Stopped

    This past week in sports saw the New York Marathon appropriately cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the NBA regular season kicked off, baseball free agency started and some important college football games.

  • The Giants Won Everything

    The Giants win baseball, a college kid's leg loses football, and the Steelers' uniforms lose fashion. A bunch of other stuff happened in sports this week (though hockey did not happen) and we break it down here.

  • It's Not Other Teams That Win, It's the Yankees That Lose

    It’s almost Halloween! Do you know athletes dress up in stupid kiddy costumes on Halloween? Yep, they wear these jerseys. You ever seen an adult in them things? Super sad. Anyways, here’s every single thing that happened in sports last week.

  • Reason for the Season

    Hockey is still DOA, baseball postseason is a-rolling, the Nets played inside a casino and it wasn't on TV, Deron Williams allegedly wears a wig, and some NFL guy is a pillhead.

  • Talkin' Bout Playoffs

    In this week in ball news, the Knicks get even older, baseball playoffs get played, a dude resigns from a lifetime contract, and Drew Brees breaks a record no one cares about.

  • Baseball Is Basically a Random Number Generator

    Baseball is too random to predict games, and even more so in October, when things get so tense you can puke.

  • Scabbarhea

    Replacement referees continue lousing everything up, a baseball dude recuses himself from the batting title, no NHL, and Detlef Schrempf likes country music.

  • Sorry Ma, Forgot to Trash the Replacement Refs

    The NFL's replacement refs are worse than ever, a bunch of hockey players are joining a children's hockey league, Jeremy Lin hates spending money, and the Dodgers re-up their GM.