Matt Eberhart

  • The Dawning Of A New Era

    America has been getting its ass kicked on the techno front for way too long.

  • Black Metal Pigeons

    Slumming it on a Brooklyn roof with some metallers.

  • & Stoned

    Lots of moody lights and the smell of burning herbs.

  • Bird-watching Boners

    Interesting people explaining things.

  • Usa! Usa! Usa!

    Fuck yeah!

  • Fuck Music

    I remember being 16 or 17, sitting in my high school physics class, and staring at incomprehensible formulas on the chalkboard, when suddenly I confronted one of those decisive milestones. It's not like I discovered some new law or theory or anything...

  • Hard On

    Finally there's someone who isn't afraid to let her happy thoughts spill out like crayon-drawn smiley suns and flowers. Tujiko Noriko is a musician who drops the rock star front and just lets her heart pour out.

  • Yakuza Noise Terror

    Yasumi Okano and Takayuki Shouji are a couple of mysterious music nerds from Oita, Japan, who describe themselves as a "tender, strange, spiritual, violent band." And as Xinlisupreme, they've built a psychosexual robot-whore composed of Merzbow's torso...